Monday, June 27, 2011

Vegetarian Dating Sites

Being a vegetarian in a meat eating world can be quite tough. All around you people want you to eat meat. You have probably changed your group of friends to one that matches your new eating style. Being a vegetarian is much easier when those around you are also vegetarian. That goes for people that you date too. If your partner is a vegetarian, you guys can eat the same foods and go to the same restaurants. If you have a meat eating partner, you may realize there are difficulties. You would have to cook separate meals and if he wanted to go to a steakhouse you would not be able to go. However, finding a significant other that is also vegetarian can be kind of hard. There are not that many vegetarians around. One way to get around this is to find like minded vegetarians through vegetarian dating sites.

There are three main vegetarian dating websites out there. One of them is VeggieDate. VeggieDate includes members that are lacto, ovo, fish vegetarians, and vegan. You can search for people depending on the type of vegetarian that you are seeking. They also allow you to search for raw vegans and foodist. They have about 16000 members so finding someone in your area should not be hard. They offer two weeks free trial too so you get a good idea of what you’ll get as a member.

For those looking for free vegetarian dating sites, you may want to try Vegetarian Passions. This website is actually a network of individual community sites. Once you join the Passion network you can connect with over 145 different community sites. Not only is this a dating website but it is also a social network. You can chat and email your friends.

Another free vegetarian dating site is This site is well designed and well organized. You can easily find the mate you want according to your interests. By joining this site, you’ll also get a free ebook.