Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cars for Senior Citizens

My dad is a senior citizen who lives off of Social Security. He does not get much money so he could not afford to buy a new car. New cars nowadays cost at least $10K. It is important that he has a car though because he still needs to go out to buy groceries and take care of other personal matters. It is a real hassle to have to call up friends to give him a ride. I told my dad to buy cheap cars for senior citizens which he would be able to afford. There are a lot of used cars that are very reliable and would not cost a lot of money.

When buying a car for seniors, you want to make sure the car is safe and reliable. You can check Consumer Reports for reviews of the best cars. Generally, the best cars are Japanese and some American cars like Ford. You do not want to buy car where you spend a lot of money and time fixing. After we determined the kind of car to get for my dad, we went to Craigslist to check out cars for sale. We found a lot of people selling used cars. I found that private sellers were selling their cars cheaper than dealers so those were the type of sellers that we looked for. We also checked on Autotrader to find some cars. Eventually, we found a Toyota Corolla that looked like it was in good condition and it was selling for a good price. We made an appointment with the seller to check out the car. You always want to check out a car before you buy it. Also, make sure the owner has the title to the car.

When you test drive the car, be sure you do not hear weird noises coming from the car. Also check to see if the windows, radio, wipers, headlights, etc are all working. Do not be afraid to haggle over the price with the owner too. You want to get the best price possible.

For those seniors who do not have any money to buy a used car, you can try some organizations that will help you get free cars for senior citizens.  A lot of people will donate used cars to organizations to get tax deductions.  Your best bet would be to try a church. Tell them your situation and that you have no money and they may be willing to help out.

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